103338 Odvodnici prenapona Ex9UE1+2 12.5 3P 275

EAN: 8592765033390

The Ex9UE1+2 12.5 line is a group of Class I+II Surge Protective Devices. They are intended as a protection against indirect and low intensity direct hits of lightning strokes. In standard three phase TN-C grid, they provides protection to LPL III, IV requirements given in EN 62305 with total lightning current introduced into electrical installation of 37.5 kA and total lightning stroke current 75 or 100 kA based on physical confi guration and mutual position of grounding point of lightning rod, grounding point of the electrical installation and place of SPD installation. The design of Ex9UE1+2 12.5 is based on high energy Metal Oxide Varistors. Such design provides low response time and ensures characteristics for both classes I and II. The modular design with plug in inserts allows simple and quick replacement of function modules in case of MOV is beyond if its lifespan due to high intensity or often occurrence of overvoltage peaks.


Parametar Vrednost
Energy-coordinated protection effect with regard to the terminal equipment NO
Max. conductor cross section solid (solid, stranded) 50
System configuration other NO
System configuration TT NO
Max. continuous voltage AC 275
Specific energy (W/R) 156.25
System configuration TN YES
System configuration TN-C YES
Follow current extinguishing capability
Exhausting NO
Remote signalling NO
System configuration TN-S NO
Construction size 3 modular spacing
Voltage protection level L-N 1.5
Signalling at the device Optic
Integrated backup fuse NO
System configuration IT YES
Nominal voltage AC 275
Max. conductor cross section flexible (fine-strand) 50
Test class Type 1 + 2
System configuration TN-C-S YES
System configuration DC NO
Number of poles 3
Lightning impulse current (10/350) 12.5
Voltage protection level N-PE 1.5
Mounting method DIN rail (top hat rail) 35 mm


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