100008 Automatski prekidači- osigurači Ex9BN 1P B16

EAN: 8592765000095

Ex9BN miniature circuit breakers are suitable for domestic as well as industrial applications. They can be combined with wide range of accessories including auxiliary and signal contacts, shunt trip release, undervoltage and overvoltage release or RCD add-on block. It is possible to create diversed combination of accessories. These combinations are only limited by total number, not by the type of accessories - all components fi t together. It can be used up to three units of auxiliary or alarm contacts plus up to two units for release units.


Parametar Vrednost
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity Icn EN 60898 at 230 V 6
Suitable for flush-mounted installation YES
Additional equipment possible YES
Nominal rated voltage 230
Voltage type AC
Number of protected poles 1
Concurrently switching N-neutral NO
Number of poles (total) 1
Current limiting class 3
Width in number of modular spacings 1
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity Icu IEC 60947-2 at 230 V 10
Over voltage category 3
Nominal rated current 16
Built-in depth 72
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Release characteristic B
Pollution degree 2


Vrsta dokumenta Ime dokumenta Veličina Format
Uputstvo Instrukcije za montažu Ex9B 2.7mb PDF
Izjava o sukladnosti Declaration of Conformity Ex9BN 0b
Tehnički dokument Tehnički podaci Ex9BN 2.2mb PDF
Katalog Katalog Instalacijski-modularni Uređaji 0.1gb PDF
Declaration of Conformity Ex9BN 0b